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The Beast of Winter

January 18th, 2011

An epic poem composed whilst cleaning off the cars and driveway. Yes, I’m insane.

Hello, again, Wintery Mix.
I knew this day would come,
You, howling across the landscape,
Peppering us with the detritus
Of your wicked, heartless soul.

I too can howl,
And I shall meet you,
Embrace you on the field of battle,
Girded in my finest,
My weapons at the ready,
To cast you out,
Push you back,
And tear down your plans.

For I am not the type
To be cowed so easily.
I will not be conquered
By a wailing beast,
Intent on spreading misery.

And though you leave my cap
Frozen to my hair,
My scarf, a sheet of ice around my neck,
My gloves soaked through,
My skin chilled and dripping
With your foul slaverings,
I count myself victorious,
Having stood within your sodden maw
And pierced your heart
With shovel, broom, and scraper.

Aye, you’ve slanked away
And I know you shall return.
But ever vigilant will I be,
Ready to accept your chilled embrace,
And cast you out again.


Eat that, Winter.