Are you an aspiring author, crafting each and every sentence with your heart and soul, but unsure if your prose is ready to be sent to an agent, publisher, or for the reading public to consume?

Are you a publisher or self-published author, without the tools, training, or experience to create your own book designs?

Are you a small business owner or company, looking to improve your marketing materials?

Do you need an easily updated website and a place to host it?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, you’ve come to the right place.

Editorial and design considerations go hand in hand. Clear and effective prose will be diminished by poor design choices, just as an elegant and understandable design will be ineffective when coupled with poorly written content.

W. H. Horner Editorial & Design is prepared to work with your project, be it a literary masterpiece of short fiction, an epic fantasy novel, a sales brochure, or a website. Please browse the site for examples of our previous work, and be sure to contact us with details about your project.

Art Therefore Design

  • The triple-dot symbol means “therefore.” William believes that nothing in art is random—even randomness begins with a conscious decision. If you desire art, you will utilize certain design elements in order to create it.