William entered the world of publishing and editing because he became fascinated by the process when he was a young writer full of dreams of creating rich worlds of imagination and unleashing them upon an audience hungry for his words.

Publishing, editing, designing, and life in general got in the way of those dreams, and writing had to take a backseat. Not that William has not put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard in very a long time . . . just not as frequently as he would like. He has a lot of beginnings . . . the beginnings of an action/adventure/horror novel, the beginnings of a psychological thriller, the beginnings of a WWII epic exploring the nature of brotherhood, hatred, and the wrongs men do on all sides of war, a first draft of an epic fantasy novel of not-so-epic proportions, and countless short stories and novellas that are languishing in pieces or drafts not fit for daylight.

For now, here’s a link to the anthology New Blood that contains William’s short story, “Holiday’s Bite.”