W. H. Horner

W. H. Horner (William or Will) is an editor, teacher, writer, and designer who believes those disciplines should be combined to form a holistic understanding of them. He is Publisher / Editor-in-Chief of Fantasist Enterprises, holds a BA in English and an MA in Writing Popular Fiction, and is a faculty member with Seton Hill University’s MFA program in Writing Popular Fiction.

William has studied story for many years, and believes that powerful and engaging tales can be told in any medium that is available to the teller, but that the decision of medium intrinsically alters the telling of the story. As he delved into publishing, William discovered a passion for design, and has studied it ever since.

William enjoys working with authors, artists, and designers in all genres and media. A desire for discourse with creative individuals drives his work as a freelance editor and designer. William believes that nothing in art is random, even randomness begins with a conscious decision. If you desire art, you will utilize certain design elements in order to create it.

A student of Tai Chi Chuan and Haidong Gumdo, a Korean sword art that is relatively new in the United States, William strives to maintain a balance between physical, spiritual, and mental disciplines in order to excel at all of them. His other interests include world mythology, history, and archeology. Eras and cultures of particular interest include World War II, Roman and Medieval Europe and Britain, as well as Egyptian and Mayan / Aztec cultures.

William has been known to enjoy singing karaoke on occasion.